Ship Bottom

kites on the beach

Kite flying on the beach is a tradition!

March 1817, Captain Willits of Tuckerton responded to a distress call from a passing schooner that they heard cries by the shoreline. They rowed out, up and down the shore but heard nothing. As the fog lifted; the saw an overturned ship with seemingly no survivors. Standing on the overturned hull, they heard beating from below. A heavily swung ax opened the hull to save a young woman. Speaking no English, she drew a cross in the sand as thanks. That location became Ship Bottom; the gateway to Long Beach Island where the Causeway Bridges unite the Island with the mainland. Vacationers pour over this bridge to enjoy the beach. They find a town alive with various, intriguing dining options, night time entertainment at several bars, miniature golf, small arcade, donut shops and seafood fishery. Summer concerts, events, playground & boat ramp are located at W. 10th Street Waterfront Park. Many homes are located on small narrow lots that were the norm when the town was first populated. Over time several have been joined to make a larger space for building, but many sweet tiny cottages remain. There is a wide variety of sales [including new construction] transitioning to new owners. There are hotels and motels available for daily & weekly stays. Regular vacation rentals in this town include duplexes, condos, cottages and contemporaries. The price range is based on location, size and amenities. Let one of our agents expand on this for you.

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