North Beach

Build Your Own Sandcastle

Another exclusive part of Long Beach Township that has very few paved roads. Most homes are accessed by private easements. Way back in the day . . . bay to ocean courtesies were given between home owners when there was only one house on the bay and one on the ocean. Time and development marched on filling in the land from ocean to bay and with it came legal rights deeded to each owner. One forward looking developer created North Beach Estates; a U-shaped development of bayside homes each having access to a bayfront park area and dock plus ocean access for a nominal fee as part of an association. Today there are several designated ocean accesses for the bayside people, but there are no bay accesses provided. There is no commercial business so residents rely on Harvey Cedars to the north and Surf City to the south for those conveniences. Sales appeal to those happy to be just north of Surf City conveniences, but still enjoy the peace and privacy of this area. Vacation rentals include cottages, a few duplexes and 4-5 bedroom contemporaries. Prices are based on location and amenities. Let one of our agents expand on this for you.

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