This company was founded in the 1930's with a vision towards the future; focusing on the premise that who enjoyed vacationing here would want to own a piece of Long Beach Island. Over the succeeding decades, a synergy developed between rentals and sales growing both our Island and our business.

Investments are very personal . . . we understand and treat each one individually. Whether it's a desire to own a beach house or rent that "longed for" one week vacation at the shore, you know that your investment will have our personal attention. This diligent service has created many long-term relationships with our Buyers, Sellers, Tenants and Homeowners through succeeding generations. Their respect has also earned us the reputation of being the "GO TO" information source when you need the buzz on what's happening on the Island.

Our office is open 7 days of the week to service your needs throughout the year. There is a fully staffed front desk to greet you or answer your call and direct you to the appropriate agent. Our agents all live here with our finger on the pulse of Long Beach Island. With each agent being rooted in our Island communities through family, church, school & government boards, charities and clubs, they tap into a wealth of information pertinent to your investing. Our agents work full time accommodating customer/clients diverse needs. A timely response is indicative of our respect for your busy lives and dedication to your business needs. While the digital age has made information readily available to all; it takes an established, seasoned agent to pull it all into digestible perspective for your decision-making.

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